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Fully loaded front and back-end application development to revolutionise the way you do business.

Bring your business to the modern era 

Without developing software coverage for a multitude of devices, you will be playing nonstop catch up. Effective and professional web development will enable you to work better, faster, and smarter. From increasing the credibility of your brand, the accessibility for your customers to granting your brand a distinctive look and style, and allowing a fully customized interactive experience.

The key to proper web development is giving you control of your data. With this organized and easy access to your operations and management data, you will be in full control to optimize your workflow. From day-to-day and long-term use, you will be keeping up with your competition and delivering higher quality services to your customers.

As a native cybersecurity company, we are fully aware of the security pitfalls during development. We have built our own SSDLC (secure software development lifecycle) and implement all best practice security measures from day zero.

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Web design & development company

Our creative web development and native programming teams will work with you to build developments that reflect how you work and how your customers think. Our developers only utilize next-gen technologies and state of the art principles for the sake of performance, scalability and delivering future-proof solutions.

We provide developments that don’t just look great but also run and perform efficiently. An optimized platform provides fast and responsive results. This supports a better user experience and higher quality results overall.


The development team

Back-End Under the Hood

The building blocks of web-development are all behind the scenes. Our back-end native developers create and maintain the actual web platform itself. They determine the functionality and ensure that data flows effectively between the front-end and the back-end/server-side.

Front-End The Look

Out front, we have the bells and whistles. This is where we make the bespoke look and the feel of your development, tweaked to your liking. These developers ensure that everything fits in place and adapts no matter the viewing device. They also take care of all the little details that bring it together.

QA, PM & Team Lead The Process

Ensuring quality and striving for excellence is what keeps Cyrex at the top of the game. Having the right people involved is crucial to meeting your expectations and requirements. Therefore, Cyrex has in-house project managers, quality assurance and team leads to complete the full cycle of development.

Don't just listen to us, find out what our clients and partners have to say

"The level of expertize has blown us away from day one. Cyrex knows how to develop scalable platforms that are fully modular and flexible when changes have to be made. If you’re looking for a big data platform, then Cyrex is our recommendation."


"Cyrex has been a great asset to our business. They quickly understood our processes and successfully converted those into the digital space. Our day to day operations have improved significantly because of the solutions provided."


"When thinking about next generation solutions in terms of Cyber and IT, Cyrex has by far been the best party to us. Their expertise in the technology field is beyond limits as they have always delivered the impossible. We deeply respect the partnership with Cyrex and are looking forward to continue collaborating."

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