Penetration Testing

Elevate your business's security standards with Cyrex's highly adaptive cybersecurity services. We offer industry-leading penetration testing to identify and mitigate potential risks, protecting giants and startups alike. Contact us today for a safer online environment.

Highly adaptative cybersecurity services: assessment, remediation, consulting, managed and advisory

Elevate Your Security Standards with Cyrex

At Cyrex, we unleash our dynamic expertise to conquer security challenges and deliver creative solutions regardless of language, framework, or architecture. Trusted by finance, healthcare, and Web3 industries, we protect giants and startups alike. Partner with us to ignite your business and achieve the gold standard of security.

Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services

Our comprehensive range of cybersecurity services includes assessment, remediation, consulting, managed services, and advisory. We specialize in penetration testing and aim to create a safer online environment for your business. Inadequate security measures can leave organizations vulnerable to malicious attacks, resulting in revenue loss and customer damage. Let us be your trusted partner in mitigating these risks.

Put your systems to the test with Cyrex

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Industry-Leading Penetration Testing

Uncovering Potential Risks and Vulnerabilities

Our experienced teams of cybersecurity professionals are experts in locating and reporting potential security risks and vulnerabilities in applications of all kinds. With years of cumulative experience, our specialists push the boundaries of your systems’ security to ensure maximum protection. We understand the unique challenges businesses face and provide tailored solutions to address your specific needs.

Industry-Leading Penetration Testing

Penetration testing involves simulating an attack to assess the security of a system. Cyrex offers three types of testing: black box, grey box, and white box. Our flexible approach allows organizations to choose the level of access and information they want the tester to have. Black box testing provides an outsider’s perspective, grey box testing is more targeted, and white box testing offers the most comprehensive assessment.

Elevate your business’s security standards with Cyrex’s industry-leading penetration testing services. Contact us today to create a safer online environment, mitigate potential risks, and protect your valuable assets – And be sure to check out some of our additional development services from Cyrex Enterprise.


Building blocks of application testing

Our testing modes


  • Most realistic
  • Hacker perspective
  • No intelligence provided
  • Minimal permissions required


  • Most common
  • Fast reconnaissance
  • All permissions granted
  • Partial documentation provided


  • Most complete
  • High quality assurance
  • Full source code review
  • Full documentation provided

Pair hacking... because two minds are always better than one

At Cyrex, we’re passionate about staying ahead of the curve when it comes to cybersecurity testing. One of the key methodologies that sets us apart is pair hacking. Our team of security engineers work in pairs or groups, emulating the techniques used by black hat hacker collectives to ensure that we’re thoroughly testing the security of our clients’ systems.

What makes pair hacking so effective is the collaboration and communication it fosters among our team members. Each engineer brings their unique perspective and skill set to the table, allowing us to identify and verify vulnerabilities and injection points that might otherwise go unnoticed. With this method, we’re able to ensure that every aspect of the system is secure.

Our workflow

Passive Phase Reconnaissance

This is where we get to know your application or software. Our teams determine the scope of your project by examining the target system, its architecture, programming languages, and functionalities.

Active Phase Target Penetration

The real fun starts in this phase. Here, we do a deep dive with a full, manual penetration test of the target system based on our reconnaissance and previous findings. Fun fact: this process can account for up to 80% of the entire penetration testing cycle!

Reporting Debrief & Next Steps

Once the full testing cycle has been completed, we deliver extensive, no-holes-barred reports on all system vulnerabilities, from small insertion points to major security issues. With this, we can provide creative best practice solutions that work with your workflows and processes. We also outline fully the potential risks of each issue and how a malicious agent could exploit them.

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"Cyrex is fitted for the job. Efficiency, thoroughness, and an ability to quickly understand the scope of the security exercise are their assets. An optimal collaboration."


"The security audits are always splendid. With the extensive reporting and risk assessment, our developers can effectively patch vulnerabilities."


"Working with Cyrex was an awesome experience all around. Cyrex' analysis and tests were all precise and really well explained, without sacrificing agility or comprehensiveness. I can easily say Jigstack is satisfied with the work delivered and we're keen to working once again with such a talented team."


"It was a pleasure working with the security team. They are extremely knowledgeable, capable, and very flexible; partnering with us and adjusting processes and communication to suit our needs. We are very much looking forward to an ongoing relationship between our teams."