Soak Testing

Soak testing from Cyrex is designed to benefit businesses by providing essential insights into the long-term performance and stability of their systems. By subjecting your applications and infrastructure to prolonged and sustained usage, we simulate real-world scenarios and identify potential issues that may arise over extended periods.

Identify the breaking point of your business before it's too late

Cyrex’ Soak Testing Services simulate your system’s capability to handle sustained usage over a 12 to 24-hour period. Our soak testing methodology is designed to equip businesses with crucial insights into the long-term performance and stability of their applications and infrastructure. We recreate real-world scenarios and uncover potential issues that may arise over extended periods. Trust our expert team to identify the breaking point of your business before it’s too late.

The Ultimate Endurance Challenge: Soak Testing for System Stability

When it comes to load testing, soaking your system is the ultimate endurance challenge. Unlike traditional load tests, soak testing sustains a fixed user load, typically above your average count, to ensure system stability over an extended period. This comprehensive testing approach is particularly vital for applications that perform regular backups, such as game leaderboards. By subjecting your system to prolonged stress, we verify that frequent processes like backups do not disrupt the application’s normal operation.

Comprehensive Insights with Cyrex Soak Testing

At Cyrex, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to soak testing. Our meticulous examination of your system focuses on detecting memory leaks and identifying capped caches with fixed purging rules. By subjecting your system to prolonged stress, we uncover vulnerabilities that may remain unnoticed during shorter testing durations. Trust us to deliver actionable insights that help optimize your system’s performance and ensure unshakeable reliability.

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Endurance Unleashed: Soak Testing for Diverse Industries

In industries like telecommunications, healthcare, and energy, the ability of systems to sustain long periods of operation without compromising performance is paramount. For businesses operating in these sectors, Cyrex Soak Testing emerges as the ultimate solution. Whether you require seamless communication networks, reliable healthcare patient monitoring, or uninterrupted energy management, our soak testing services provide the key to uncovering potential issues and ensuring system integrity.

Unveiling System Performance – Gaming and Healthcare Focus

In fields as diverse as gaming and healthcare, the continuous operation of your system holds immense significance. A proper soak test is vital to identify any degradation or faltering that may occur during prolonged usage. With Cyrex Soak Testing, we subject your system to rigorous and prolonged stress, precisely pinpointing areas where errors may surface. Rely on the expertise of our seasoned team to provide actionable insights on how to address these issues and optimize your system’s performance.

Prepare your system for the long run with Cyrex Soak Testing Services. Our comprehensive testing approach helps you understand the endurance and stability of your applications and infrastructure over extended durations. Trust our expert team to identify potential issues, deliver actionable insights, and ensure unyielding performance and unshakeable reliability. In industries like telecommunications, healthcare, and energy, soak testing emerges as the ultimate solution for system integrity. Partner with Cyrex today and unleash the true potential of your system’s long-term performance.

Soak Testing

How our load testing solutions work

Foundation Preparing Solutions

Through our advanced scripts, we meticulously assess your system's performance under high user volumes, mirroring authentic user behaviors. Unlike traditional load testing methods that resemble a DDoS attack, our approach focuses on comprehensive testing rather than overwhelming the system with a flood of packets.

Simulation Test & Learn

We go beyond superficial testing by fully simulating each user process. From establishing connections and authentication to engaging in gameplay and searching for matches, we recreate the entire user journey. Our simulations operate at the network level, seamlessly integrating with your API or network protocol (UDP/TCP).

Solutions Observability of a Secure System

Our testing approach goes beyond simply identifying system struggles at specific user volumes. We delve deeper into the root causes by pinpointing the exact functionalities that encountered challenges. This enables us to provide tailored and targeted solutions to mitigate their impact effectively. With Cyrex, you gain comprehensive insights into specific areas of improvement, allowing you to fortify your system against potential bottlenecks and optimize its performance with precision.

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"There are two benefits of cooperating with Cyrex - the quality of their work and the quality of cooperation with the team. Space Punks’ audit was thorough and gave us confidence in the security and scalability of the game. The way the team operates is a showcase of great balance between structure and flexibility."

Flying Wild Hog

"It was a pleasure working with Cyrex to secure and scale the game. Cyrex earned and retained our trust through their domain expertise and high quality deliverables which were on time and on quality."


"Cyrex has quickly become an important partner to Avalanche Studios Group. Most recently, they’ve supported our efforts to scale up the multiplayer capabilities of our Apex engine, which greatly benefits several of our live service games. The Cyrex team delivers quality, flexibility, and are a pleasure to work with."

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