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Penetration Testing

We specialize in securing your applications… by hacking them! Our extensive background in ethical hacking and cybercrime help us create the best digital asset protection solutions for you.

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Load Testing

Our load testing services will ensure you know exactly what your video game or application can take when traffic gets heavy.

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Software Development

With our wealth of technical expertise and experience, we use the latest technologies and frameworks to deliver efficient and effective solutions for every project.

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Meet Cyrex

Helping industry tech leaders spark innovation and creativity by developing and
securing the applications that empower their businesses.

Founded in 2015, Cyrex has used their unique blend of technical expertise and creative thinking to constantly break the boundaries of both cybersecurity and software development. To date, they’ve succeeded in discovering new ways to optimise and innovate workflow to deliver industry leading results to their clients, while also providing bulletproof security solutions and reliable applications and software.

Managed and operated by award-winning native cybersecurity experts and ethical hackers Mathieu Huysman and Tim De Wachter and international game services entrepreneur Orad Elkayam, Cyrex has firmly established themselves as a globally trusted partner across a variety of industries.

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