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Neglecting strong, thoroughly tested, and dependable security measures can leave you vulnerable to malicious attacks. If you'd like to learn more about our testing and the results we deliver, download our free, anonymised security reports.

Guarding Your Digital Landscape: Elevate Security with Our Reports

Our reports showcase our detailed cybersecurity practices, including penetration tests and audits. These comprehensive reports provide insight into our service quality, vulnerability findings, offered solutions, and methodologies, giving our clients a clear understanding of our approach to security. We’re proud of the effort we’ve put into crafting these reports, which reflect our confidence in delivering top-tier cybersecurity services.

Security Report Categories:

– Web applications

– Mobile applications

– Desktop applications (including PC games and software with .exe files or game launchers on Mac or Windows)

– Blockchain applications

Should you receive these reports from an actual security engagement, your security team would have absolutely everything they need to tackle discovered vulnerabilities, understand what we found, and our own recommendations on remedying the vulnerabilities to best security practices. In downloading these reports, you are receiving an anonymised version of the above.

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