Application Porting

Don’t let your applications fall behind in performance, security, and scalability.

Update Your Outdated Code with Application Porting Services

Update your outdated code into a modern technology stack with our expert application porting services. Our experienced development teams specialize in transforming outdated codebases into better, faster, and cleaner solutions. Experience improved performance with reduced loading and start times, while enjoying the benefits of easier ongoing development on a modern codebase. By taking the opportunity to rewrite for porting, you’ll save time and effort, especially when it comes to future integrations.

Why Choose Application Porting?

Seamless Transition, Limitless Possibilities: Unleash the Benefits of Application Porting


Keeping up with modern frameworks is a strong rationale for porting your applications. Without staying updated, older code can become defunct and eventually lack support. Finding solutions for outdated code and frameworks can be challenging and eventually impossible. Furthermore, security becomes increasingly difficult to maintain with outdated systems, while modern frameworks include built-in security features that protect against potential threats.

Stay future ready with Cyrex.

Get in touch with our software development experts today and ensure you stay future ready no matter what!

Our Application Porting Services

  • Expert Development Teams: Benefit from our skilled and experienced development teams who specialize in application porting.
  • Modern Technology Stack: We update your outdated code into a modern technology stack for improved performance and maintainability.
  • Seamless Transition: Our porting process ensures a smooth transition from the old codebase to the new one, minimizing disruption.
  • Future Integration-Friendly: By porting your application, you ensure it is compatible with future integrations, saving time and effort down the line.
  • Enhanced Security: Modern frameworks come with built-in security features, protecting your application from potential threats.

Let our application porting services bring your outdated codebase up to speed with modern technology. Experience enhanced performance, maintainability, and security, while future-proofing your application for seamless integration. Contact us today to unlock the full potential of application porting or check out our other development solutions at Cyrex Enterprise.


How does Cyrex port?

Discovery Old v. New

We understand the product to ensure we can emulate it properly. What old languages are being used and what’s the architecture? What was the intended functionality and objectives? What does it do, how does it do it, how was this all presented?

Roadmap Tech expertise

We offer solutions and potential approaches. We explain what work needs to be done, how we’d like to do it, and what suggestions we have based on the original model and architecture. Using what we learned in the discovery phase, we can then plan for cost.

Porting & Delivery Future proof

Our software engineers redevelop the entire application. Using new technologies, approaches, and methodologies, in line with the best software development practices. The architecture is built to ensure a more scalable, manageable, and readable end result for the developers. This is done to future proof your application and prepare it for anything.

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