Application Porting

Don’t let your applications fall behind in performance, security, and scalability.

Update your outdated code into a modern technology stack

Our expert development teams will update your outdated code into a modern technology stack, allowing them to be better, faster and cleaner. One of the main advantages of this is performance, as there will be no prolonged loading and start times. It is also easier to continue development built on new code rather than older, unmanageable, and outdated code. So, by taking the opportunity to rewrite for porting, it will be much more time efficient in the long run, especially with regard to future integrations.

Another strong rationale for porting is keeping up with modern frameworks. Without keeping up, older code can go defunct and eventually be fully unsupported. Finding a solution for outdated code and frameworks is difficult and can eventually be impossible. Finally, security is tough to maintain with outdated systems, whereas modern frameworks include security by design which protects you against many potential threats.

How does Cyrex port?

Discovery Old v. New

We understand the product to ensure we can emulate it properly. What old languages are being used and what’s the architecture? What was the intended functionality and objectives? What does it do, how does it do it, how was this all presented?

Roadmap Tech expertise

We offer solutions and potential approaches. We explain what work needs to be done, how we’d like to do it, and what suggestions we have based on the original model and architecture. Using what we learned in the discovery phase, we can then plan for cost.

Porting & Delivery Future proof

Our software engineers redevelop the entire application. Using new technologies, approaches, and methodologies, in line with the best software development practices. The architecture is built to ensure a more scalable, manageable, and readable end result for the developers. This is done to future proof your application and prepare it for anything.

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"The level of expertise has blown us away from day one. Cyrex knows how to develop scalable platforms that are fully modular and flexible when changes have to be made. If you’re looking for a big data platform, then Cyrex is our recommendation."


"Cyrex has been a great asset to our business. They quickly understood our processes and successfully converted those into the digital space. Our day to day operations have improved significantly because of the solutions provided."


"When thinking about next generation solutions in terms of Cyber and IT, Cyrex has by far been the best party to us. Their expertise in the technology field is beyond limits as they have always delivered the impossible. We deeply respect the partnership with Cyrex and are looking forward to continue collaborating."

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