Stress Testing

We specialize in empowering your applications and software by pushing them to their limits. Our comprehensive stress testing solutions help you unlock the true potential of your product, revealing any vulnerabilities and bottlenecks along the way. With our advanced technologies and expertise, we ensure that your applications are fortified, scalable, and ready to handle anything that comes their way.

Empower Your Software with Comprehensive Stress Testing by Cyrex

Unlock the true potential of your applications and software with Cyrex’s specialized stress testing services. Our comprehensive solutions push your product to its limits, revealing vulnerabilities and bottlenecks, and fortifying it for optimal performance. Get ready to handle anything that comes your way with our advanced technologies and expertise.

Preparing Your Product for Anything with Stress Testing

At Cyrex, we specialize in stress testing, a critical process that involves gradually increasing user load to assess your system’s performance. Our objective is to determine your application’s breaking point, where it struggles and reveals its hard limit. By conducting this thorough test, we identify potential bottlenecks and ensure your application’s robustness and scalability.

Tailored Solutions for Optimal Performance

Once we establish your application’s maximum user capacity, we consider your specific requirements. Our experts evaluate whether the current capacity meets your needs or if further exploration is necessary to find an ideal solution. Our stress testing services are highly recommended across various industries, providing the stability and reliability you need for a successful launch.

Unmatched Scalability Testing with Cyrex’s Headless Technology

Whether you are developing for Web3 or launching a game, implementing comprehensive scalability testing, starting with a stress test, is vital for a stable and successful launch. At Cyrex, we employ our advanced headless technology, which simulates user behavior on a large scale, surpassing 500K Concurrent Users (CCU). By seamlessly integrating with your product’s API, sockets, and networking libraries, we ensure a thorough and accurate load testing experience.

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Why Choose Cyrex for Stress Testing?

  • Comprehensive Stress Testing: Our expert stress testing services push your applications to their limits, revealing vulnerabilities and ensuring robustness.
  • Tailored Solutions: We understand your specific requirements and provide customized solutions for optimal performance.
  • Advanced Headless Technology: Cyrex’s headless technology simulates large-scale user behavior, guaranteeing accurate and reliable load testing.
  • Trusted by Various Industries: Our stress testing solutions are highly recommended and trusted across diverse industries.


Don’t leave your application’s performance to chance. Partner with Cyrex to unlock its true potential and ensure seamless functionality even under the most demanding circumstances. Our stress testing services will fortify your product, making it scalable, reliable, and prepared for success. Reach out to our team today to experience the power of stress testing with Cyrex – and be sure to check out the other development solutions at Cyrex Enterprise.

Stress Testing

How our stress testing solution works

Foundation Preparing Solutions

Through our advanced scripts, we meticulously assess your system's performance under high user volumes, mirroring authentic user behaviors. Unlike traditional load testing methods that resemble a DDoS attack, our approach focuses on comprehensive testing rather than overwhelming the system with a flood of packets.

Simulation Test & Learn

We go beyond superficial testing by fully simulating each user process. From establishing connections and authentication to engaging in gameplay and searching for matches, we recreate the entire user journey. Our simulations operate at the network level, seamlessly integrating with your API or network protocol (UDP/TCP).

Solutions Observability of a Secure System

Our testing approach goes beyond simply identifying system struggles at specific user volumes. We delve deeper into the root causes by pinpointing the exact functionalities that encountered challenges. This enables us to provide tailored and targeted solutions to mitigate their impact effectively. With Cyrex, you gain comprehensive insights into specific areas of improvement, allowing you to fortify your system against potential bottlenecks and optimize its performance with precision.

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"There are two benefits of cooperating with Cyrex - the quality of their work and the quality of cooperation with the team. Space Punks’ audit was thorough and gave us confidence in the security and scalability of the game. The way the team operates is a showcase of great balance between structure and flexibility."

Flying Wild Hog

"It was a pleasure working with Cyrex to secure and scale the game. Cyrex earned and retained our trust through their domain expertise and high quality deliverables which were on time and on quality."


"Cyrex has quickly become an important partner to Avalanche Studios Group. Most recently, they’ve supported our efforts to scale up the multiplayer capabilities of our Apex engine, which greatly benefits several of our live service games. The Cyrex team delivers quality, flexibility, and are a pleasure to work with."

Avalanche Studios Group