5 October 2022

Cyrex and Cloudoki: One Year of Innovation

It’s been about twelve months since the partnership began between Cyrex and Cloudoki. Now a stellar part of the Cyrex group, we’re moving forward and working together like this has always been the way!

A lot can happen in a year, and we caught up with Mathieu Huysman, part of the management team and Co-founder & COO of Cyrex and Rui Molefas, Co-founder & Manager at Cloudoki to check in and discuss how this past year has changed things for their respective teams. From the transitory period to settling in and achieving goals as a group, it’s been a year of growth, exploration, and success!

Cloudoki over the last year

Rui approached the transition with open arms, and he ensured the team knew lay ahead. He thinks that the cultures between Cyrex and Cloudoki are quite similar, which made things easier on everyone as they came to terms with new positions and opportunities.

He believes that one of the key components in a software development company is people. And this goes doubly for Cloudoki, as they take pride in fostering a healthy balanced culture of work, quality output, proximity, and communication. Rui says that from the beginning, as “gaming” and “Web3” was thrown at the team, they were immediately adapting and on-board.

“Being onboarded into the Cyrex group has been key for really defining Cloudoki’s growth path as push forward into new heights. We couldn’t be happier with all the support and opportunities from this past year, nor more excited about what’s to come next!” - Rui Molefas, Co-founder & Manager at Cloudoki

And beyond adapting, there’s more benefits than just being a part of a larger group. From a technical perspective, Rui says, the team have been delighted to be a part of huge, new projects and technologies. For him, this is “Cloudoki material” – new tech, new challenges.

The Cloudoki team once worked on referrals and strong loyalty from clients. Now, they have a strong marketing presence with the support of the Cyrex group. They created their own lead-gen team and have taken a proactive stance on sales and leads.

There were also three main targets to hit for the Cloudoki team upon joining Cyrex. They wanted to grow and increase the size of their team, get involved with the new and evolving tech projects, and increase their revenue to match their new size. And it’s been a good twelve months! Over the past year, their tech team has doubled, and revenue is on track to be doubled as well. And thanks to the collaboration with Cyrex, the Cloudoki team have got to dive into a variety of new tech projects including blockchain, NFTs, smart contracts, fintech, and more! They’ve seen it all and it’s thanks to being a part of the Cyrex group.

Finally, their recruitment over the past year has improved immensely. Recruiting for a software company is tricky and thanks to the support and visibility of Cyrex, each element required for good recruitment has improved. Bigger and better projects, higher visibility, and plenty of support from the group all contributed towards doubling their team size!

Cyrex over the last year

For Cyrex, the last year has meant an increase in software development capacity and expertise. They increased their global presence, supporting more time zones and thus more clients! But overall, the last twelve months were an experience of mentoring and helping a new part of their group grow and expand.

Taking a mentoring stance, Cyrex helped guide Cloudoki through many of the challenges that they have overcome in their own time. From Mathieu’s point of view, the biggest and most positive change was the internationalisation of Cloudoki. From a local presence in Lisbon, working with local companies with a strong reputation, to now breaking international boundaries. Cloudoki now considers clients and new team members from outside their locale. Cyrex are delighted to see Cloudoki growing and establishing their global presence.

Cloudoki’s desire to dive into new tech was matched by Cyrex’ existing drive in the same vein. It meant that the pair pushed towards greater work in a wider span of industries. Originally mostly fintech, Cyrex helped gear the Cloudoki team towards gaming, Web3, blockchain, and DeFi. The presence of Cloudoki’s support meant increasing Cyrex service offerings – expanding from pen and load testing. Now, online services are on the table – backend development for online games. The teams combined now offer building online services, securing them, and ensuring they are stable for proper player use.

“Uniting software development and security capabilities has always been a very natural direct to take at Cyrex. Together with Cloudoki, we have been very successful in doing exactly that. We are very excited about what’s to come and have big plans in store for the near future.” - Mathieu Huysman, Founder and COO of Cyrex

A lot of learning has happened between both teams. They’re very close in service and industries but have never quite crossed over before. Now, they are jumping into a melting pot of stellar services and teamwork. The tech-savvy nature of both means that communication and learning are constant.

The mentor stage for Cyrex has definitely been a learning process. There are many challenges for a company in Cloudoki’s position and the Cyrex team know it. Because they went through the same challenges. One of the best things about the collaboration was being able to offer support and guidance and watching Cloudoki strive through the challenges that Cyrex faced some years previously.

For Cyrex, it has meant being supportive and never being intrusive! Hand-in-hand and letting the Cloudoki team find their footing as they expand and grow as part of the Cyrex group.

If you’d like to benefit from the combined service offerings of Cyrex and Cloudoki, don’t hesitate to get in touch! From strength to strength, the Cyrex group are ready and willing to tackle any challenge ahead.