Software and application automation development

Our programming professionals will turn time-consuming manual tasks into streamlined, automated, and efficient processes with the push of a button. Our developers our developers will be able to automate your program or process anywhere.

Transform your business with development automation

Business development automation can be boiled down to one simple idea. Streamlining services and saving time.

Moving towards process automation allows employers to increase productivity and knowledge while ensuring that they are not wasting valuable time. Time that could be better spent better elsewhere. Cyrex’ custom Python/NodeJS process automation allows for a greater creative and operational capacity. Like all of Cyrex’ services, it can be scaled and customized, made bespoke just for your needs.

Process automation will take once laborious, manual tasks and turn them into quick, automated executions. With time investment in data scraping, for example, cut in half you will be free to spend that time somewhere far more effective and valuable.


Pass the repetitive tasks to Cyrex

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Automation scripts

What have we done so far?

1. Simulate exact user behaviour for stealth purposes and interact with web platforms and perform actions automatically. We can automate any process flow on any platform.

2. Collecting data and storing it can be an intensive process, with our scripts we fully automate this task. By integrating with either API’s or parsing values from HTML code, we extract the data you need in a matter of seconds and then store it wherever you want.

3. Day-to-day operations often have a very generic and repetitive flow, we are masters at not only automizing your workflow but also improving it by identifying shortcuts.

Process automation stages

Discovery Tech Expertise

Our programming professionals specialize in using their expertise to identify processes and workflows that could benefit from process automation. Once the processes are identified, our teams can get to work with your specific requests and designs.

Implementation Bespoke Solution

Our teams develops the Python/NodeJS scripts, allowing a range of automation based on your preference. Our process automation is a standalone solution that does not need to be integrated with your existing software, but of course it can be! To manage our solution by yourself, our teams can develop a custom interface to interact with and or configure the automation tool to your preferences.

Delivery Streamlined Process

Finally, your process automation will be operational. Whether designed fully for speed, operating significant speeds to gather data or interacting more like a traditional end-user - you will be ready to go. Fully streamlined and optimized for a better future.

Don't just listen to us, find out what our clients and partners have to say

"The level of expertize has blown us away from day one. Cyrex knows how to develop scalable platforms that are fully modular and flexible when changes have to be made. If you’re looking for a big data platform, then Cyrex is our recommendation."


"Cyrex has been a great asset to our business. They quickly understood our processes and successfully converted those into the digital space. Our day to day operations have improved significantly because of the solutions provided."


"When thinking about next generation solutions in terms of Cyber and IT, Cyrex has by far been the best party to us. Their expertise in the technology field is beyond limits as they have always delivered the impossible. We deeply respect the partnership with Cyrex and are looking forward to continue collaborating."

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