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BlockChain Security: secure web3 dapps

The blockchain is effectively a list of records. In DeFi, it is often a record of transactions, and it would be common for these transactions to be cryptocurrency related. Each record is given a ‘block’ and each block is chained to the previous one.

While blockchain has proven to be a secure technology, it is the smart contracts and decentralized applications (dapps) that are prone to security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. The technology is only as secure as the code built onto it.

Over the years, Cyrex has worked on a wide range of blockchain-based applications such as marketplaces, galleries, wallets, staking platforms, NFT’s in gaming, and smart contract audits applying our extensive knowledge in ethical hacking blockchain

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Smart Contracts development and security

Smart contracts are effectively miniature programs. They are small and custom-coded programs or protocols which are implemented to execute and monitor specific commands. For games, they can do anything, such as monitor transactions for an in-game marketplace. For fintech, they could be checking and verifying the proper transfer of funds between parties.

Due to the nature of smart contracts, and their frequent use with blockchain, they must be secured. They are custom-code and like any piece of written code, they can contain mistakes. Once their parameters are met, they will execute their command. In the event that an unsecured smart contract is uploaded, it would be a dangerous hole in your defences. Should it be uploaded onto a blockchain system, it acts as a permanent vulnerability which likely cannot be removed. For these reasons from Cyrex we apply our ethical hacking and pentesting techniques to find any possible vulnerability in your smart contracts.

Security process

Reconnaissance Technical Overview

Our security specialists engage with your decentralized systems and processes to identify all potential vulnerabilities and injection points. Here we will determine the scope of your project by examining its architecture, programming languages, and functionalities Once identified and a workflow is prepared, we can get to work.

Implementation Unique Solution

We have plenty of experience in securing blockchain and smart contract systems. Our expert ethical hackers will move on the potential vulnerabilities and ensure they are secure. If not, they will break in, find the weakness, and prepare a solution.

Delivery Expert Security

Once our testing is complete, we will deliver a comprehensive report of our findings. This will cover all system vulnerabilities we discovered. We will also outline the potential risks of each vulnerability and how they could be exploited.

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"We worked with Cyrex on security and scale testing for our games and platform. They have the deep domain knowledge necessary to provide quality audits for complex software like games, and were a very friendly, responsive and committed team."


"Working with Cyrex was an awesome experience all around. Even with timezone differences, communication was smooth and really easy, which is really important when working against a tight deadline. Cyrex’ analysis and tests were all precise and really well explained, without sacrificing agility or comprehensiveness. They also ended up being crucial for the security and performance of our platform, so I can easily say Jigstack is satisfied with the work delivered and we’re keen to working once again with such a talented team."


“It was a pleasure working with the security team. They are extremely knowledgeable, capable, and very flexible; partnering with us and adjusting processes and communication to suit our needs. We are very much looking forward to an ongoing relationship between our teams.”