30 March 2023

Cyrex at the Paris Blockchain Event

The Cyrex team are back and settled after attending the tremendous Paris Blockchain Week Event and all we can say is what an experience!  

We attended for the entire event alongside our colleagues and industry peers over at Cloudoki. Anyone with eyes on the event might have spotted Tim de Wachter and Rui Molefas wandering the floor! The pair were attending to get in touch with the community and their peers but also to hold a presentation for those in attendance. For those who came to our talk, “Security in Blockchain Gaming”, we’d like to say thank you! It was a great success.  

The event was a reassuring one, we were very happy to see such an awareness for cybersecurity that can sometimes be missing in other fields. Given what is often contained on the blockchain, and the frequent requirements to prove to your users, the mentality for audits and cybersecurity reports was clear to see. We were pleasantly surprised to have such a high interest in blockchain gaming. For fintech, healthcare, and entertainment we expected quite a high turnout but we were pleased with how many were there for blockchain gaming.  

That was clear to see in the interest we got about our services! The Cyrex team, of course, were very excited to have the constant and growing interest of cybersecurity for blockchain and how it was often highlighted by others.  

Surrounded by our peers and colleagues, it was fantastic to see a lot of upcoming networks. Each trying new things, evolving and innovating in the blockchain space. The leaps and hopes for performance, scalability, and privacy on blockchain networks were amazing.   

As were the discussions on regulation. This new technology is moving so quickly, it was fascinating to see talks on the laws and potential regulations for those in the DeFi world. It is often that new technology evolves so quickly that the law struggles to keep up with it. But it was refreshing to see the necessary and tough topic being discussed by those in attendance.  

Didn’t get a chance to meet us there? Or have your own interest in blockchain and Web3 cybersecurity? Get in touch today, the Cyrex team are always excited for the next project and the next challenge.