26 April 2023

Securing Your Blockchain Game Goes Beyond Smart Contracts

We’ve talked a lot about securing blockchain games, including a webinar on the topic, securing Web3 based games, and the necessity of security around smart contracts. When it comes to anything based on blockchain, security is paramount as whatever is implemented becomes a permanent fixture. And any vulnerabilities or potential exploits become permanent vulnerabilities and exploits.   

Our expertise is in game and blockchain penetration testing and we’ve noticed a bit of a trend around a blockchain gaming misconception. Let’s dive into why securing your blockchain game goes beyond your smart contracts.   

Blockchain Gaming and Secure Smart Contracts

We’re happy to see a growing awareness on the necessity of security in the blockchain space. That extends to blockchain gaming, where we see a lot of investment and importance laid on securing the blockchain elements incorporated into your game. However, with our history in securing traditional games and blockchain games since their creation, we’re noticing a bit of a disconnect in the attitude of securing blockchain elements versus in-game elements.  

To make it clear, securing your blockchain and Web3 elements is just as important as securing your in-game elements. Your smart contract might be water-tight in terms of security but if the game is lacking, you’ll watch cheaters and hackers happily walk away with stolen or abused goods while the system treats it as fair! We’re seeing a fantastic attitude to the level of security and its transparency in the world of Web3 and blockchain security but there is a serious lack of crossover into blockchain and Web3 gaming.   We understand this mentality. A lot of these new studios are unfamiliar or new to the traditional gaming world. At Cyrex, our goal is to ensure the digital world is as safe as possible. It’s important that we spread awareness that secure smart contracts and Web3 components are key. Undergoing smart contract audits is smart and advised. However, if your gameplay is untested, you will see the abuses occur in-game and that will collapse into your secure blockchain and Web3 system.  

Knock-On Effects of Insecurity in Blockchain and Web3 Gaming

Imagine your Web3 and blockchain game is live, you’ve conducted every security service for these elements that are available. Your audits have declared you as safe as possible given the current circumstances. But you have not given the same coverage to your in-game systems.  

Let’s say your players can earn unique items, one-of-a-kind type equipment earned through a laborious quest or mission. A relic or artefact, or some special device. Maybe even a mount or special cosmetic item to prove their heroism and skill. This item can be minted as an NFT, it’s so precious that it’s still rare among hardcore players. But one issue in the reward coding means this quest reward can be handed out repeatedly if the player abuses a certain interaction. Now, there’s a hundred of these once precious NFTs for sale. Or thousands even.  

If your game can be abused or its economy or rewards can be trivialised, you will see an impact on your honest players no matter the genre of your title. Whether it be item duplication leading to NFT duplication, hijacking user accounts, forced teleportation, speed or wall hacking, it will harm your players and there will be fallout.  

Blockchain and Game Security with Cyrex

It is imperative for us to emphasise the threat of malicious actors and hackers. They are always looking for exploits, for your security to slip up or not be enough. The impact of their actions affects everyone involved in your game’s experience, including the developer. The world of Web3 and blockchain gaming is new and it’s moving fast! We’re delighted to see it as such. However, we cannot stress enough how much every component of your game needs securing. From Web3 components to the game’s economy, rewards, and even player physics.   

Cyrex is offering full, 360-degree cover from Web3 auditing and load testing to gaming security. Our gold-standard security combines our expertise and intimate understanding of game security and blockchain security to deliver a service that truly only the Cyrex team can deliver. Check out some of our previous work with Immutable, NYAN Heroes(built on Solana), and Mythical Games.  

Get in touch today and secure your Web3 game against all threats with Cyrex’ unique and gold-standard security. Combining our expertise and experience with all things blockchain and gaming.