19 April 2023

Why You Need White Box Penetration Testing

Our main service is in penetration testing. At Cyrex, we believe in making the digital world safer for all involved. This testing focuses on discovering and revealing potential or existing vulnerabilities in your code. And we’ve discussed the three types that we offer, black, grey, and white box penetration testing.  

As the digital world has evolved, the malicious actors and hackers have evolved right alongside it. As technology grows in capacity, like ChatGPT and other machine learning technology, the old tricks don’t play as well. The Cyrex team have always spoken about the cybersecurity world as a digital arms race between the security engineers and the hackers. We’ve come to the point where the old standards don’t cut it. Let’s discuss why white box penetration testing is now the necessity and best thing for your cybersecurity.  

Cyrex and White Box Penetration Testing

Over the last five years, our teams have encouraged and pushed our clients to engage with white box penetration testing. Given our quality and successful security as the gold-standard in cybersecurity offerings, we’re proud to say 90% of all of our security engagements are now white box testing. Reviewing our clients’ code, understanding where they stand, and tackling vulnerabilities at their basest level means we can say we’ve helped make our clients more secure and safer online.  

Many other security companies still sell black box testing as standard. We cannot stress enough that black box testing simply doesn’t meet the standards anymore. It can be challenging to hand over your source code to a third party, we understand. But aside from a selling point, black box penetration testing testing falls short in every other avenue.  

Our security engineers are always engaging with manual source code reviews and because of this, we can offer our highest standard. But the prevalence of black box testing means many of our peers lack the skills and experience to deliver quality, gold-standard testing. Why does this matter?  

New Standards: White Box Penetration Testing

Given the rising competency of machine learning and AI technology, coding has become more accessible. The ability to simply input a request and have a perfectly good payload delivered means hackers have an easier time than ever. The difficulty of reverse engineering code to abuse it has been made easier than ever. Discovering vulnerabilities is no longer an arcane art for experienced coders. And we’re doing our best to fight back! The security engineers at Cyrex are always looking for ways to increase their quality and productivity, such as utilising the same AI technology in our own penetration tests.  

What this all means is that without a ground-up, source code review, you have become more vulnerable than ever. The security of your application, your website, your game, regardless of previous grey and black box testing has grown uncertain. The digital world has always moved forward at a terrifying pace, now it is sprinting, leaping, and bounding. And we are working hard to keep our clients secure as we match that pace.  

Where once black box testing was something we advised against, as an inferior penetration testing method, now it has almost become a liability. It gives rise to a mentality of believing that their digital presence is secure and tested but they are only more vulnerable with every passing day. We heavily recommend that, if you haven’t already, engage with the Cyrex team in white box penetration testing and ensure that you are as safe as possible in the digital space.

Don’t miss out on the gold-standard of cybersecurity. When it comes to all things cybersecurity, look no further than the Cyrex team for quality and passion for your digital safety. Get in touch today and get secure.