2 December 2021

Visiting the Cloudoki family

Here at Cyrex, team spirit is key, and our CTO and COO believed it was time to pay a visit to the wonderful Cloudoki family on their home turf. They finally got the opportunity to meet the entire team, look around their offices, pitch new ideas and plan our 2022 vision together.

Meeting the team

Earlier in November, our co-founders Mathieu Huysman and Tim De Wachter organized a visit to the Cloudoki offices in Lisbon, Portugal. Over the course of a couple of days, they met everyone in person, something that can be considered a rare commodity nowadays. After recently joining forces in a partnership, a meet up was well overdue, especially with so many big plans in stock for the new year!

Mat and Tim were graciously shown around the offices by one of the Cloudoki founders, Rui Molefas, where they also got to meet and speak with their other tech-savvy teammates, each more technologically passionate than the last. Here they discussed (over copious amounts of coffee) the potential of both teams, what plans they have in store for 2022, sharing their values and most importantly, talking about tech!

Over the three days, a core pillar discussed in detail was the growth of both Cyrex and Cloudoki’s expanding portfolios and their respective teams. 2022 deems to be a promising year for everyone, as they both have many plans in store, such as increasing resources and availability for the teams. Cloudoki’s ‘secret weapon’, API Suite, was also a big topic of conversation, where they investigated how their extraordinary tool can be integrated into games as the gaming industry continues to evolve and break out from strict console boundaries. More roles and opportunities lie ahead, with Cyrex and Cloudoki excited to see the teams expand over the coming months.

But the main goal for this meet up was, of course, to unite security and development more than ever. Using Cloudoki’s API-centric software development expertise and combining it with Cyrex mastery in security, the opportunities are endless. We can’t wait to share what will be in store for us as we promise to deliver amazing projects that we will both be collaborating on. To give a bit of a teaser, we plan to enter the gaming industry by developing custom live services for games. Using Cloudoki’s impressive skill set, we are currently planning the development of scalable, flexible and performant backend services and custom tool development for gaming.

All the above is in line with the vision of Cyrex being a pioneer in everything we do. Having a dedicated development team with over fifteen years of experience will enable us to develop the next-generation tools for our customers and upgrade the functionality and features of our internal tools to make a more significant impact than ever before.

It was also an excellent opportunity for Tim and Mat to get to know everyone better, doing team-building exercises and treating Cloudoki to a lovely steak dinner, thanking them for their kind hospitality and noteworthy feedback. It was a truly educational experience and highly beneficial, the first step towards a promising and bright future for everyone. Our next plan is to take part in Cloudoki’s Hackfriday on Dec 3rd and we can’t wait! It’s going to be another great opportunity to get everyone together and have a ‘meeting of the minds.’ We also hope the next meetup will be on our turf, where we can show the Cloudoki family around our spaces.

Exciting times lie ahead for Cyrex, Cloudoki and our customers, and we can’t wait to share all our big plans down the line. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest updates on our site and Cloudoki’s, where we will continue to push the boundaries of security and development even further!

To learn more about our combined offerings, check out some of our service pages and the Cloudoki and API Suite pages too! If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you.