14 January 2021

Cyrex Load Testing: Is Your Game Ready for Success?

Cyrex are delighted to announce their newest service, load testing. Taking all your game stress and load testing requirements and blowing them out of the water. Our brand-new load testing services will be on hand to help you to know exactly what your game server can take. Whether the traffic gets busy or hectic, you’ll know what you can handle. Don’t leave it to chance, make sure you know how big of a bite you can take.

What is Cyrex Load Testing?

Load testing is the test of exactly that – how much load or traffic can your system or servers take. Typically, this would be seen by a ‘stress test’, which is effectively a flooding of packets. You take the system and just send a huge amount of data and traffic into it and see when the system bends and when it breaks.

At Cyrex, we’re familiar with stress testing but wanted to take it further. We know that a test like this is about resilience and not just stress. While it is about finding out what the system can handle, but it should also be about how the system handles incoming traffic.

Which is why we created our load testing service. To simulate the actual process flow of users and not just a flooding of packets. With the whole process – authenticating the connection, entering lobbies, searching for matches, interacting with functionality and systems, and any player behaviour you want to simulate. Our solution is fully scalable and can simulate multiple instances, allowing any interaction and any number of players.

Cyrex’ Headless Solution

When we say any number of players, we do mean it. Traditionally, when simulating a player connection, there are machines running the game client. This does limit the normal stress test, the RAM and CPU loads are, for us, something of the past. Because we’re not running any actual clients. Using our fully scalable ‘Headless’ solution, we simulate any number of virtual machines for your needs. Whether you want to test your system against a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, or a million players – we are on hand to do just that. Thanks to this solution, the issue of scale is a thing of the past. No matter the numbers you require, we can provide.

More than just a stress test

Our solution simulates the full range of player interaction directly with the API and on a network level such as Unreal Engine, Unity Networking service or any custom network protocol. So, nothing visually occurs – but the data is all there. We aren’t just testing server load; we’re testing gameplay and how your game reacts to player behaviour.

This isn’t just about how much load your system can take. It’s about where it begins to falter, and which functionality caused it to stutter or fail. With our solution, you will see what level of interaction and what was responsible for any issues or crashes. Once your load test is complete, we will identify these problems and offer potential solutions.

Why offer this service?

For Cyrex and the cybersecurity industry, growth and evolution is hugely important. Just like our penetration testing, we are seeking to keep up with the complexity.

The world of cyberattacks and online threats is ever-growing. As is the traditional player base, there are simply more connections than ever before. That number will only get bigger and bigger. It’s not enough to simply test pure numbers against your system and server. The only way to truly test if your game is ready for player traffic is to test behaviour and interactions.

So, no matter the player count, we will give you the test you need. No matter the issue, we will identify it and analyse it. With Cyrex load testing, you’ll know exactly what you can take and how to fix any issues that may come with the territory.

If you’d like to see what we can do for you, get in touch! Discover how much your system can support before it starts to struggles. Whether you need security, development, or gaming support, Cyrex is on hand to deliver and exceed your expectations.