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Video Game

Keeping your security and development game strong

The games industry has exploded into exponential growth, turning into a multi-billion dollar behemoth. We're honoured to have worked with developers like Bethesda, Mythical Games, Robot Entertainment, and Blueside amongst others, to secure their game titles against cyberthreats. From console, PC, mobile gaming, to the iGaming and online casino sector, our gaming security solutions are designed to align the interests of the developer with the interests and safety of the player.


We believe in keeping players and game developers safe and secure in the online space. That means protecting your I.P, assets, player data and accounts, and business continuity. We put your game's security to the test with our expert ethical hacking and penetration testing.

Our game security services protect against a range of issues. these include:

  • In-game cheating
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Server attacks
  • Player data breaches
  • In-game transaction abuse

Game secure Development

We also offer load testing services for those seeking to test the capacity and capability of your system. Using our headless script, we will ensure you know exactly what your video game can take when traffic gets heavy. Not only that, but we will be able to see exactly what began to struggle with the heavier load. Once completed, you will be provided with a comprehensive report of what had issues. You will be able to pinpoint the functionality and exactly what it had trouble with.

Our development service also extends to a variety of services such as:

  • Data, player, and platform management
  • Scripting
  • Bot creation
  • Issuing player bans
  • Monitoring in-game activity

Cloud Gaming security

With the world of gaming getting bigger every day, we like to ensure players aren't limited by location or hardware.

Our game streaming technology (GST) allows you to:

  • Host your own unique, flexible, and bespoke cloud gaming solution
  • On your own cloud streaming platform, you will be able to offer your games to players no matter where they are.
  • With this setup, all they'll need is a phone and a connection to the internet.
  • If you don't have the capacity to host a streaming platform, don't worry, we offer that as well!

Level up your game’s security and software suite with Cyrex

Get in touch with the Cyrex gaming team today to talk about what a cybersecurity or custom tool could do for your processes and your players. Whether you need to secure your game, increase your reach, or customise and streamline your work, Cyrex will be ready and happy to help.