15 April 2021

Cyrex GST: HTML5 and Browser Game Streaming

2021 brings new tools to the world of cloud gaming, with browser and HTML5 players. The goal of Cyrex GST has always been; expand the reach of gaming. To break down the barriers of hardware and location and allow players to access games no matter their situation.

Offering developers the potential of their own cloud platform has been a rewarding experience. Allowing both creators and players to release and access games on almost any piece of hardware is paramount in the journey to allow any who want to play, to have access to it. With 2021 now in full swing, our teams are working hard to push the next step in cloud streaming. The next step, of course, is full browser integration!

What is full browser integration?

We expect support for browser integration somewhere in Q2 of this year which is very exciting given what it could offer players!

But let’s start with the explanation, how is it different? Typically, game streaming technology requires the end-user to download the streaming client – or some variation of a game client. Browser integration means you are bypassing that whole step, allowing the user to simply play the game from the browser itself.

There isn’t an internet-capable device out there that doesn’t have a browser, whether it be Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, everyone has access to an internet browser.

So, with that access, how does it work?

Web video players

Our browser integration is based around a web video player, enabling players to launch a game from within the browser itself. This is yet another step closer to making cloud gaming a lot more accessible and easier to use.

The service itself isn’t complicated, it would just be an addition to the currently supported cloud gaming. Games can be developed to be played on web-browsers and could then be included in our catalogue. In this way, the end-user can use the cloud gaming player to interact with these games. As with any cloud gaming, the game would be streamed directly to the user without the requirements of a gaming computer or console. But with this stage, we can take it a step further and use the browser instead of requiring a downloaded game client with each separate game.

HTML5 Player

Another tool in the works is yet another step in assisting players’ accessibility to gaming. While traditional cloud gaming requires a client, and our work-in-progress web video player requires only the player itself – we have another option on the way.

While quite similar to the web video player, we are working on the ‘HTML5 Player’. Using this system, we could allow developers and players to utilise the browser itself in the streaming process. This would open the cloud gaming to not a game client, not even a web player, but instead simply the browser itself. The method is entirely HTML5 based, meaning it is embedded in a website and easily integrated using a code line or iframe. And because this is effectively available in every device by default, we think it’s going to be a real game-changer!


Thanks to these new, upcoming features, players will have more choice than ever at their fingertips. No matter the size of their hardware or the availability of consoles, the boundaries of gaming are on the back foot and we’re not going to stop pushing.

We are always looking out for, and pushing towards, new ways to offer cloud gaming. The ways to ensure that it is easier, faster, and offering more benefits than ever before.

If you’d like to learn more, you can read in detail about Cyrex GST on our service page! If you'd like to discuss anything, you can contact us here! We also have a portfolio available, discussing our security work with some amazing titles.