19 January 2023

How AI Technology is Changing your Game’s Security

If you haven’t been hearing about the rise of AI technology, in particular its latest media focus of ChatGPT, we’d like to know which rock you’ve been living under! AI technology has been growing at a staggering rate, like many modern technological advancements. We have entered a period of sprinting and leaping advancement rather than the slower rise that we saw throughout history.   But why is a cybersecurity company discussing AI technology? Isn’t it just used to create art and generate random stories or pieces of text? Of course not! The amount of uses AI technology has in security is varied and wide in application. And the Cyrex team have not been idle in researching its uses, dangers, benefits, and pitfalls.   So, let’s look into the basics of AI technology, how it relates to game security, and why you should keep an eye on our upcoming blogs about the topic.  

AI Technology and ChatGPT in 2023

If you look into ongoing technology news, you will no doubt encounter multiple reports and articles on AI. Of course, it’s not actual AI but an intelligent deep-learning process but that’s not important!   It is everywhere and it’s entered a stage where it can be used and leveraged by the everyday user. AI art and text can be generated by almost anyone as the offerings of the service grow. The deep-learning processes that allow this tools to function require huge amounts of data to grow and operate more effectively. So, this frequent and wholesale use by the public is not only spreading awareness of what it can do – it’s also helping to further the technology’s capabilities.    It's still very much in its early stages but we’ve kept our eye on it as it’s grown. We always keep up with evolving technology, just like when Web3 entered its early days and we began our work on Web3 pen testing.   The future of AI technology and its link with the security sector is clear. So, for our penetration testing and game security, it was easy for us to devote time into learning how it works and how it might be used. You might know how ChatGPT works or what it can do. Blogs, articles, research, it can do it all and fast. It isn’t without flaw or mistakes; it will deliver incorrect information with dauntless confidence. But it can consume a huge amount of data and deliver it clearly. But it doesn’t stop there.  

AI Technology and Game Security

So, let’s finally answer the question of why our team are interested in ChatGPT and AI technology. Well simply put, ChatGPT can understand code. It can read code, understand its purpose, and even write its own.   Now this is, all at once, incredible and terrifying! It’s still limited to small amounts of code and complexity interrupts it very quickly. And what do we know uses quite succinct and short code? Smart contracts! If you’d like to learn more, we’ve covered smart contracts before, twice! Once in a Security explained and once in a blockchain explained. This makes AI assisted hacking very dangerous already because smart contracts are already at risk from being abused by ChatGPT’s current functions. With its shorter code, it is actually possible for the AI technology to read, understand, and detect potential flaws in its code. While this is one of the few risks currently posed by malicious actors utilizing ChatGPT, it is worrying. It points towards a future where code could simply be delivered into something like ChatGPT in much larger amounts, and it will simply explain to hackers where is best to attack.   Game security is all about baffling malicious actors and doing what you can to stop them from getting to the code itself. But those methods don’t work on an AI chat bot. They can’t be baffled by spoof code or confused by traditional methods.   The Cyrex team see AI technology as both assistant and potential threat. We think it will, in the future, work fantastically as a supportive companion in the cybersecurity processes. But we also see a dangerous future where security engineers are implementing two forms of security. One to spoof the hacker and one to spoof the AI companion.   Keep an eye out for future blogs as well delve more into AI technology and its impact on game security. This topic is new and evolving rapidly, so we’ll be doing our best to cover it. In our next blog on AI technology, we’ll be talking more about ChatGPT and how it interacts with multiple aspects of coding and cybersecurity such as reverse engineering assembly code and obfuscated code. Interested in ensuring your game and application are bulletproof? Get in touch today and let our team help your application become stable and secure.