10 March 2022

HackFridays with Cyrex

At Cyrex we are all about innovating new ideas and collaborating both with our team and clients. So, what better way to collaborate than working together on our unique ‘HackFridays’? These take place every 1 to 2 months where our leading ethical hackers and programmers gather for a half-day and brainstorm. During those days, we discuss and cover upcoming and leading ideas in cybersecurity while also exploring new technologies relevant to our industry.

How HackFridays help

A few weeks ago, we had a working session regarding smart contract-specific security flaws. Here, we not only covered different types of major vulnerabilities but also ran a few exercises. We call these ‘labs’, and the aim was to get the best hands-on experience with smart contracts, identifying vulnerabilities and exploiting them successfully.

Hackfridays have an endless list of benefits for everyone in the team. Not only does it allow everyone at Cyrex to feel closer and strengthen our relationships, but it also helps drive innovation and spark new ideas in a relaxed environment. Working from Monday to Friday can be a harrowing experience and some weeks can be just exhausting. So, taking the time to step back and have a relaxed conversation with your team can help shake things up a bit and break you out of the mundane.

We lose our excitement and energy as a result of habit, and our problem-solving skills deteriorate. Our minds grow sluggish. HackFridays help reinvigorate the typical energy. Things like learning new technology, developing innovative skills and having fresh experiences keep us awake and running. Furthermore, as we become wiser, our horizons expand. We begin to approach things with a fresh perspective. It's simpler to fix faults and provide high-quality service after a HackFriday.

Strengthening the team

Not only does it help strengthen the Cyrex team but also our wonderful partners in Cloudoki. Just a few months ago, we did a HackFriday together with the software engineers from both teams and it was a veritable ‘meeting of the minds.’ The HackFriday was a massive success as it was a great way to be connected, strengthen relationships, share experiences and overall learn from each other. There were so many great takeaways from that meetup and without spoiling anything, we were able to make a head start on some big projects we had planned for our clients.

We always want to deliver to our clients the best cutting-edge security solutions and reliable applications and software that truly withstand the test of time. And HackFridays help us do exactly that. As professional programmers and industry pioneers, we have cemented ourselves as the leading driving force in cybersecurity and software development. And it’s always good to think outside the box, listen to new ideas and stay ahead of the ever-evolving world of technology.

As always, exciting times are on the horizon for Cyrex, Cloudoki and our wonderful customers. We can’t wait to share all of our big plans we have cooking, so stay tuned! Keep your eyes peeled for the latest updates on our site and Cloudoki’s, where we will continue to push the boundaries of security and development even further!

To discover more about Cyrex, check out our blog and portfolio page. We also offer comprehensive manual penetration testing for games and non-gaming applications. For any other questions, please get in touch.