10 December 2020

Scaling Development with Kubernetes

Kubernetes or ‘k8s’ is a fast-growing and currently one of the top container orchestration platforms out there. It is designed to help automation, scaling, and management of contained applications. It’s grown fast and for good reason. In general, it improves productivity by significant margins. In addition, k8s is almost entirely open-source which means we can build on top of it for your needs. At Cyrex, we are always looking to improve and to stay ahead of the curve. Growing alongside technology is key when we’re talking about software development. So, choosing the right technology stack, tools, and approach is crucial when discussing productivity. This is true for both development as well as when supporting our clients’ needs.

Increased productivity and speed

We try to deliver only the best to our partners with productivity and speed paramount among our offerings. Using the right tools, k8s increases and accommodates the increased speed of new software features and their implementation. Where once the work was a slow process and each update took minutes, k8s pushes that world forward and takes implementation to a matter of seconds instead.

For development teams, it means a cutdown on resource requests to handle additional loads or jobs. Instead, the shared infrastructure system ensures quick and easy distribution when needed. This also ensures there is little to no downtime when rolling out an update, allowing teams to maximise availability. Applications involving k8s can also evenly spread the load automatically and control resource consumption by the application or a team working within it.

What this means for clients is, simply put, we can deliver higher quality results at a faster rate. No mess, no fuss.

Scalable and flexible

Scalability and a flexible flow are two aspects we strive to deliver to our clients. As mentioned with resource management, k8s allows Cyrex to scale resources in a highly flexible capacity. If required, at any point, we can easily create additional containers. This can be done for any reason. One example could be for load balancing. With k8s, these balances are quick and easy. They can be done with zero changes on a code level. This helps with the overall stability of your application and it is yet another benefit of the software.

Containers help companies stay modern by allowing easier scaling and deployment of applications and k8s allows us to handle higher volumes of traffic for clients without any limitation. In the event that there is a sudden surge of traffic, it is no problem for us to scale and accommodate any number of end-users. Despite any challenges facing the software, it is proving itself to be a forerunner for many development teams. To break this down for partners, it means utilising containers to their fullest and, as a result, never being caught out when you need to scale rapidly.

A Scripter’s Dream

At Cyrex we love scripting, k8's offers configuration scripts which means we can deliver the best possible product for our clients. Years ago, we would have to manually install virtual machines and all the software required. It was a headache and a time sink. Now, we can fully automate this process using the k8's scripts. Creating new containers for virtual environments is now effortless. The benefit of the configuration scripts means we can deliver a product faster and, whenever required, scaling can be done faster than before. This aspect of k8s allows us to automate the container orchestration infrastructure at any level and allow a quick and reliable response for anything. This ensures that your needs and any changes required can be fulfilled immediately.

All of these positives make an appealing package but it’s not all perfect, everything has its drawbacks. In particular, the complexity of Kubernetes can be daunting. Without proper preparation, it can severely reduce productivity. But at Cyrex, we love a challenge and there’s nothing better than a complex project that just needs the right solution. With the right tools, workflow, and mindset, we can minimise the complexity. Our teams are already working at full capacity with the k8s architecture to complement our API and automation expertise amongst others.

Taking the time to get involved and to embrace the latest technologies is something we pride ourselves on.

Want to find out more about our software teams and how they stay on top of the game? Get in touch with us and see how we can help your productivity and efficiency.