2 March 2023

Cyrex Hacking Roundup: March 2023

In this hacking roundup, we'll be discussing four major recent hacking headlines in the gaming industry. First, we will examine why the developers of Dota have permanently banned over 40,000 accounts. Secondly, we'll cover the alleged 2023 roadmap leak for Call of Duty, which was reportedly hacked, revealing new features and content for the upcoming game. We'll take a look at Riot Games, the developer of popular games such as League of Legends, and their refusal to pay the $10 million ransom demanded by hackers after they stole the source code. Finally, we'll explore the Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2023 report launched at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, warning of an increasing risk of catastrophic cyberattacks. Let's dive in and discover more about these headline-making hacks.  

Cheaters Will Never Be Welcome in Dota - 40,000 accounts banned

In a recent move to maintain the integrity of Dota gameplay, the developers have permanently banned over 40,000 accounts that were caught using third-party software to cheat. This software was able to access information not available during normal gameplay, giving these players an unfair advantage. However, the developers were quick to take action by releasing a patch that created a honeypot to catch these cheaters red-handed. The banned accounts were found to have read from this honeypot, ensuring that every ban was well-deserved.  

This ban applies to all players, including professionals, showing the developers' commitment to fair play in the game. They have promised to continue detecting and removing exploits and banning users who cheat. This emphasis on fair play is vital to ensure that victories are earned through skill and tenacity. So, let's continue to enjoy Dota on an even playing field and be grateful to the developers for their dedication to ensuring a level playing field for all players.  

Call of Duty's upcoming seasons and features revealed in alleged 2023 roadmap leak

Activision, the publisher of the popular video game series, Call of Duty, has allegedly been hacked, resulting in the leak of internal data, including the 2023 roadmap for Call of Duty. The leak suggests that players can expect at least 6 new 6v6 maps across upcoming seasons, a new small map similar to Shipment, new weapons, licensed operators, and a new Halloween event.   

The upcoming Call of Duty game is reportedly codenamed "Jupiter" and will have an internal alpha test in late May. The leaked data suggests that the dates for the upcoming seasons may have changed due to the hack, and the release schedule has been altered to space out the new content properly. Activision has yet to comment on the hack or the leaked data.  

Riot Games hit by hackers demanding ransom, but refuses to pay up!

Riot Games, the game developer behind popular titles such as League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics, has refused to pay a $10 million ransom demanded by hackers following a recent security breach. The cybercriminals managed to steal the source code for League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and an anti-cheat platform, which could potentially lead to the development of new cheats.  

While the breach was undoubtedly serious, Riot Games has reassured its players that their personal information was not compromised. However, the company is investigating how the stolen data could be used and is exploring potential new security measures.  

Riot Games has reported the incident to law enforcement, and a detailed report on the security breach will be published in due course. It's clear that the company is taking this matter very seriously and is doing everything it can to protect its players' data and privacy.  

This latest breach is a stark reminder of the importance of robust cybersecurity measures, particularly in the gaming industry, where personal information and financial details are often stored online. Learn more about Cyrex’ award-winning cybersecurity solutions and see how we can help secure your title.  

“A far-reaching, catastrophic cyber event is likely in the next two years” according to 93% of cybersecurity experts

The Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2023 report, launched at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, warns that geopolitical instability is increasing the risk of catastrophic cyberattacks. Over 93% of cybersecurity experts and 86% of business leaders who took part in the report, believe that a catastrophic cyber event is likely in the next two years. The report also identifies a critical skills gap that is posing a threat to societies and key infrastructure.   

Based on surveys, workshops and interviews with over 300 experts and C-suite executives, the report found that half of the companies surveyed are re-evaluating the countries in which they do business due to the current cybersecurity landscape.  


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