30 September 2021

Cyrex & Cloudoki: A Tech Dream Team

We were beyond delighted to announce our partnership with Cloudoki. Welcoming their team and their vast expertize into our group was a momentous occasion.

A Matchmade Synergy

It’s almost too good of a match to be accidental. As if both these companies were founded together with the intention of just such a partnership to occur. Alas, we can’t claim any such chess genius pre-planning on our part. Cloudoki and the Cyrex team were just lucky to find each other and have made the most of the encounter!

The founders of Cloudoki, Rui Molefas and Koen Betsens, said that “Since day 1, we saw Cyrex as both a cultural and technical match with Cloudoki. Our strengths combined can only move us further. We couldn’t be happier to be brought into a bigger family, and we can’t help but feel right at home.”

And for Cyrex founders Mathieu Huysman and Tim De Wachter, the feeling is absolutely mutual.

For those of you who don’t know, Cloudoki is an API-centric software development company, a culture of several groups held together for their love and passion of next-generation software. They build with, advise on, and train about APIs — both back-end and front-end. They cover web, mobile, native applications, IoT, VR, and AR applications. Finally, they aim their assistance to groups of all sizes; start-ups, scale-ups, and transforming enterprises. We could not be happier to be working alongside them.

Of course, our focus on application security goes hand-in-hand with the software development side of it all. The technical nature of both our companies and the emphasis on cutting-edge and industry leading processes means that we’re ready to push the boundaries side-by-side.

We hope you’re ready to see big things in the future!

What exactly does Cloudoki do?

Cloudoki offers full circle services for your product ecosystem. Working with scoping advice, UX, development, release experts, and SecOps, Cloudoki merges the fast-paced technology of start-ups and SaaS into stable advice for clients of all sizes.

For enterprise clients, they assist architecture and innovation teams into an API-centric digital transformation that works. Though they aren’t limited to just enterprises, their record covers matured scale-ups and start-ups to banking and even space tech.

A Sweet API Suite

One of the main draws of Cloudoki, their special weapon, is the API Suite. Assisting service accessibility, API Suite relieves your tech team, empowers third party providers, and offers new app features to provide to end users.

This tool covers entry level and fast track users and offers marketplace functions for more mature SaaS product systems seeking to stay ahead of the competition. API Suite can also be integrated into games, as the industry continues to break out from strict console boundaries.

This Suite can even run on-premise, allowing any feature to be customized and extended from the Core framework. API Suite Core is open source, allowing huge support from community partners and offering you the most powerful API and service integration capabilities.

Does it seem like we’re excited? Well, excited isn’t the word! Ecstatic is more like it. As we said, Cloudoki and Cyrex go together almost too well. We really can’t wait to show you what we have planned going forward.

To learn more about our combined offerings, check out some of our service pages and the Cloudoki and API Suite pages too! If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you.