OGame is a browser-based, management, MMO wargame set in the distant future. It's a thrilling space experience, focused on building empires, forging alliances, and defending them in vast galactic fleet combat.

We worked with Gameforge to reinforce the security of the classic, sci-fi, browser-based MMO. Our testing was conducted under our Black Box penetration testing services. This emulates a real-world approach to a hacking threat.

As a browser game, we had a specific group of vulnerabilities to consider. In addition, with its own rich messaging system and time-based gameplay, we had to ensure neither could be compromised or used as a potential attack vector. We also worked with their personal bug tracking tool, allowing us to provide a direct line to the technical team. This was used in addition to our usual post-testing report.

During our work with OGame, we tested a number of functionalities such as:

  • Account registration and authentication
  • Alliance creation and management
  • In-game premium currency and shops
  • Messaging system
  • Forum system
  • Player attack actions
  • Building and upkeep systems
  • Research and invention systems

We discovered a number of vulnerabilities and issues that were deemed of high importance by the team at OGame and at Gameforge. These vulnerabilities were advised upon by our report and secured to the best security principles. Once patching was complete, we conducted full sanity and regression testing to ensure full operational security.

“The security audits are always splendid. With the extensive reporting and risk assessment, our developers can effectively patch vulnerabilities.”



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