4 May 2023

Announcing the Beta of Cyrex Swarm

We could not be more excited to announce that load testing will soon be more accessible than ever! Cyrex Swarm is a platform that we’ve been developing for the last year but the proprietary technology behind it has been an ongoing effort of many years. This technology has been utilised in every load testing engagement we’ve conducted in the past five years, especially in our gaming projects.   A unique load testing solution that cannot be found anywhere else, trust in the Swarm to guarantee a stable and smooth player experience from launch day.  

Cyrex Load Testing in recent years

In our load testing operations – we integrate with your system and develop the player journey. The typical route that your average player is expected to take. Such as create an account, verify their email, log in, create their character, and so on. There are always key interactions that are tested. Things like authentication, NPC interactions, certain in-game scenarios. Once we’ve developed this ‘player’, testing can begin!   Now, typically, we’ve developed this and you’ve approved it. Then, the Cyrex team go to work with the Cyrex Swarm operating on the settings, parameters, and conditions that you’re aiming for. But no longer!   For those in the beta, you work with us for the development stage and create that user journey. From there, you can run your own load test with our technology. Get your own results, see your benchmarking, show how your system works, discover where delays occur and where the issues might be! This behaviour, the load testing simulation, will no longer need us. We simply provide the integration of features in need of testing, custom and bespoke for your needs. From there, it’s yours! No more manual testing from the Cyrex team, no more coordination of tests and interactions. No consulting, testing, adaptation, and adjustments. Our clients, who choose to embark with the Swarm, can operate their own!  

Cyrex Swarm today

Currently, in beta, we’re working with multiple trusted partners that we’ve engaged with in the past. Cyrex Swarm will be live this year for all who are interested, so keep an eye out for the announcement!   If you haven’t heard about Cyrex Swarm, it’s our proprietary load testing technology. We’ve delivered it to clients like Avalanche Studios, Epic Games, Jagex, and Mythical Games. If you’re familiar with load testing, you might be wondering what makes Swarm so special? There’s plenty of load testing solutions available. However, most are focused on web communication and we found them limited on user tests. With Cyrex Swarm, we are capable of testing scaling up to a million concurrent players.   We’ve integrated with almost every networking library in the gaming industry. So, if you’re using any standard or typical library known in the gaming, we guarantee out-of-the-box support from Cyrex Swarm. It talks to your backend and is not linked to any singular point or piece, when we say Swarm, we mean it. Everywhere it needs to be, as much as it needs to be.  

Cyrex Swarm Pricing

For those interested in Cyrex Swarm for when it launches, we’ll be running a cost per use model. You will only be paying for what you need. If you need twelve hours of testing at 15,000 users, you pay for exactly that. No more, no less. If you need ten days testing at 50,000 users, you pay for that and only that.   We’ll have two key metrics on this model:
  1. Duration of test
  2. Volume of concurrent users
  While we don’t have anything on our site yet, you can check out our load testing page to learn more. We also have plenty of articles covering the topic including which load testing solution is right for you and why you should be load testing your blockchain.   If you’re looking for the gold-standard in cybsecurity, get in touch today. The Cyrex team provide industry-leading time and cost-efficient game security and load testing services.