30 July 2019

Cyrex Cybersecurity Experts Visit Gameforge HQ

Cyrex’s cybersecurity experts Mathieu Huysman and Tim De Wachter paid a visit to Gameforge’s German headquarters to partake in the company’s annual festivities as valued collaborators of the online gaming giant.

Our team recently joined Gameforge at their headquarters in Karlsruhe to participate in their annual team celebrations, a date carved out to show the publisher’s appreciation for its sterling staff and community participants. Cyrex’ Mathieu Huysman and Tim De Wachter were afforded the chance to sample for themselves the company’s culture and get to know the organisation on a higher, more personal level in appreciation for their work with Gameforge and the interactive and collaborative approach that typifies our approach to comprehensive cybersecurity service. The gathering feted the teams and community members working hard to maintain Gameforge’s position as one of Europe’s most innovative and recognised names in online multiplayer gaming.

Employing more than 400 people and boasting over 4,000 international brand ambassadors, Gameforge has been one of Europe’s defining online games companies since its founding in 2003 by Klaas Kersting and current CEO Alexander Rosner. Currently responsible for over 20 games, available in more than 50 global languages, Gameforge has helped introduce the European market to smash hit – and otherwise unavailable – Asian titles such as TERA, Soul Worker, Elsword, and many, many more. Gameforge was among one of the first video game companies in Europe to adopt the free-to-play service mode in its games, marking it as a leading light for European browser-based games and MMOs.

The celebrations of Gameforge’s continued and prolonged success in the industry also marked the culmination of three years of close and integral partnership between the game provider and Cyrex. For the duration of the relationship between the two companies, Gameforge has availed of Cyrex’s cutting-edge ethical hacking and cybersecurity services. Gameforge representatives at the event were quick to note the gamer-led culture which sets Cyrex’ cybersecurity division apart from other cybersecurity groups and testing houses on the market. With penetration testing and cybersecurity consultancy being offered by professionals with native experience in video games both as passionate gamers and as industry veterans and experts in their field, Cyrex has been able to design a completely holistic security package that takes advantage of the company’s inborn instincts for how games are built, how they play, and how those trying to cheat them think. As a company built around in-game revenue streams as the keystone to its business model, Gameforge recognised the vital importance both in assuring their players of the absolute highest level of online security and game integrity, and in Cyrex’ unique position to offer a security solution that could provide for it.

Mathieu Huysman, who, as well as fronting the cybersecurity department, is also Cyrex’ Head of Business Operations, was quick to express his gratitude to Gameforge for extending the invitation to their annual celebration to Cyrex:

We are extremely grateful for the confidence and faith that Gameforge has shown – and continues to show – in us. The chance to fly over and meet their teams in person, to be accepted into their family, goes a long way in demonstrating just how close we have grown with Gameforge over the years of our partnership, and the value and trust that both companies place in the work that we do together. We wanted to extend our sincerest gratitude and our deepest thanks to Gameforge for the opportunity to join them in their celebrations and allowing us to feel as a central part of the festivities and the fun. We look forward to many more long years working together, and hope we can deepen that relationship even further through greater and closer collaborations.

Key to Cyrex’ barnstorming relationship with Gameforge is the personal touch and intrinsic knowledge of and passion for gaming engrained at the heart of every service it provides. Every cybersecurity project Cyrex undertakes is carried out by a team of native security professionals chosen as much for their hacking expertise as their love of gaming. By approaching the issue of security vulnerabilities from the perspective of a veteran gamer, Cyrex’s cybersecurity experts can thoroughly probe and test a game’s coding for vulnerabilities and penetration points that are all too commonly seized upon by prospective hackers and cheaters looking either to gain an in-game advantage for themselves or illegally syphon players’ personal data. Through a robust suite of white, grey, and black box penetration testing and cutting-edge cybersecurity software development Cyrex ensures that Gameforge’s all-important revenue streams, as well as their players’ valuable private data, are safe and secure.

Your players’ peace of mind is every bit as integral to their overall satisfaction as the quality of your game itself – why wait to make sure that your game is fully secure? Cyrex’s ethical hacking and penetration testing services are designed to guarantee that your game’s security measures are as robust as they can possibly be, to look after your players’ safety online as well as your bottom line. Get in touch today to find out how Cyrex can transform your approach to video game cybersecurity or simply avail of your free quote!