Meet Roger

Meet Roger makes employee communication easy, targeted, and measurable. With the average company using eight or more different internal communication channels, Meet Roger helps to cut that number down and allow a singular, streamlined platform for your team.

Our work with the team at Meet Roger included testing both the web and mobile applications. The inclusion of a mobile version adds several vulnerabilities that required specific attention, such as push notifications. These tests were conducted under our Grey Box penetration testing package. Once completed, our testing allowed the Meet Roger team to provide proof to their clients of the level of maturity in their security system.

We tested a variety of functionalities, these included:

  • Authentication and session management
  • Information disclosure
  • Access controls flaws
  • DOS protection
  • Business logic flaws

As is our standard practice, we delivered a comprehensive and straightforward report of our findings. We discovered a number of vulnerabilities that were deemed critical by the team at Meet Roger. Once patched under the best security practices, we engaged in sanity and regression testing to ensure the vulnerabilities were secured.

“We urgently needed penetration, regression, and sanity test reports to prove our breach protocol, professionalism, and system security to one of our biggest customers. The agile and efficient work done by Cyrex was a perfect fit for our team.”

Meet Roger

Meet Roger

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