API Integration Services

Integrating and connecting systems.

Streamline your data exchange

Application programming interface or API is, at its core, the interact and communication between two or more systems and applications.

For any internal or external connection, without the proper channels and interfaces, your efficiency will take a hit. With multiple applications running on the same service, API will allow changes to implemented across all of them at once. Without the need to replicate these changes across every platform, you won’t have to waste any time on updating different systems with the same new data. In this way, API can help create a central system for all the standalone systems and keep them connected, compiled, and accessible in one location.

With a custom-built API for your use, you will be able to provide a streamlined interface and interaction to your customers and those within your organisation. We will build the right API for your needs.

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What can API integration do for you?

1. We can build an API integration to enable two applications with different data models to communicate with each other, by mapping their data properties. In this way bi-directional communication is possible. Changes on one app reflect on the other and vice versa. This allows our customers to work in both tools while having all data streamlined.

2. We have built many custom API integrations for our customers to be able to communicate and exchange data with third party platforms that did not provide any public API for integration purposes. Even if the third party doesn’t provide integration possibilities, at Cyrex we make it work.

3. We built public APIs for our partner’s platforms so their customers could integrate with their platform. Providing this extra level of service to their clients has been a great USP and helped keep their customers engaged.

How do we do it?

Step 1 Discovery & Analysis

The most important aspect of our work is understanding what you need and precisely what function it needs to serve. Are you connecting your solution to others? Or are you providing a central database for internal company use?

Step 2 Implementation

With your specifications and requests, we are able to custom build an API for exactly your needs. The API is a way to directly communicate with a backend system so ensuring it is a bespoke system for you is paramount to our work.

Step 3 Delivery

The API is delivered and integrated as you need. You are now able to provide data to the right people in the most efficient and streamlined way possible.

Don't just take our word for it, here's what our clients and partners have to say

"The level of expertise has blown us away from day one. Cyrex knows how to develop scalable platforms that are fully modular and flexible when changes have to be made. If you’re looking for a big data platform, then Cyrex is our recommendation."


"Cyrex has been a great asset to our business. They quickly understood our processes and successfully converted those into the digital space. Our day to day operations have improved significantly because of the solutions provided."


"When thinking about next generation solutions in terms of Cyber and IT, Cyrex has by far been the best party to us. Their expertise in the technology field is beyond limits as they have always delivered the impossible. We deeply respect the partnership with Cyrex and are looking forward to continue collaborating."

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